Mead Honey Wine

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» Mead Honey Wine
Ancient Orange Mead
Semi Sweet tastes of Blood oranges, cinnamon, and spices.
Black Currant Mead
Light bodied semi-sweet wine bursting with flavors of black currants, honey and grape.
Cranberry Mead
Honey notes matched with tart cranberries to create a semi sweet yet balanced mead.
Orange Cream Flavored Mead
A sweeter wine that tastses like a Dreamsicle.
Peach Mead
Tastes of ripe juicy peaches blend with honey to create a refreshing light and refreshing taste.
Plum Mead
Ripe tart plum flavors dance on your tongue with light finish of honey.
Root Beer Mead
Hints of vanilla, licorice and birch brought together with local honey to make this complex tasting mead.
Sweet Mead
Lingering full honey body with every taste. The intricate notes of the flowers and fruits that prelude the making of the honey are richly represented. This wine is for the honey lovers.

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