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Ancient Orange Mead
Semi Sweet tastes of Blood oranges, cinnamon, and spices.
Black and Blue Duck
Black and Blue Duck Semi sweet tastes of ripe blueberries blend with pinot noir grapes.
Black Cherry Noir
Pinot noir grape wine combined with black cherries to cherry spice flavors. Semi-Sweet
Black Currant Mead
Light bodied semi-sweet wine bursting with flavors of black currants, honey and grape.
Blackberries merge with lush riches of berries and fruit that naturally burst from merlot grapes.
Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabbywood Duck (Cabernet Sauvignon)
Red Cabernet Sauvignon aged for 6 months in bourbon barrels from northern waters distillery in Minoqua.
Bourbon Barrel Aged Chardywood Duck (Chardonnay)
Chardywood Dry White Chardonnay aged for 6 months in bourbon barrels from northern waters distillery in Minoqua.
Cranberry Mead
Honey notes matched with tart cranberries to create a semi sweet yet balanced mead.
Creek Ice
(Dessert Wine) Sweet and rich with irresistible aromas and flavors of ripe currants, strawberry and tart rhubarb.
Creek White
(Riesling) Light refreshing white wine.
Devils River Red
(Cabernet Savignon) Bold deep character, great ageability, aged on French oak. Dry Red
Ducks in the Harbor
Wine fortified with our brandy - sweet rich fortified red wine.
Mulled wine, also known as spiced wine, is a beverage usually made with red wine along with various mulling spices . It is served hot or warm and is alcohol.
Mallard Red
*State Fair 2nd* (Pinot Noir) Velvety flavor that is met with a fullness of aroma resembling black currants.
Full bodied red made from local grapes. Cherry and black currant flavors - has notes of blackberries pepper plum and spice.
Muscovy Duck
*State Fair Silver*(Moscato) Succulent peach and juicy tropical fruit flavors.
Orange Cream Flavored Mead
A sweeter wine that tastses like a Dreamsicle.
Original Flavor
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Kombucha Tea is a healthy refreshing fermented green tea, as well as a probiotic and detoxifier. Available in 2 sizes and 3 flavors. The Chinese have called it the “elixir of life” for over 1000 years.
Peach Mead
Tastes of ripe juicy peaches blend with honey to create a refreshing light and refreshing taste.
Pearly Duck (Petite Pearl)
A deep pearl petite (local grapes, dark red garnet color, taste of ripe fruit and soft mid-mouth tannins.) Similar to a cabernet with spice notes and taste of blackberries.
Plum Mead
Ripe tart plum flavors dance on your tongue with light finish of honey.
Pumpkin Mead
Delicious tastes of pumpkin and spice blend with sweet tastes of honey.
Razz Ma Fuzz
Raspberry Peach Sangria, intial tastes of ripe raspberries and a light finish of peach on the end.
*State Fair 2nd* Blush wine – mouthwatering flavors of sweet ripe raspberries blended gracefully with refreshing character of white Zinfandel.
Root Beer Mead
Hints of vanilla, licorice and birch brought together with local honey to make this complex tasting mead.
Sassy Duck
Semi-sweet red made with Concord grapes and blended with cherry juice.
Semi sweet light and refreshing tastes of ripe strawberries.
Sweet Mead
Lingering full honey body with every taste. The intricate notes of the flowers and fruits that prelude the making of the honey are richly represented. This wine is for the honey lovers.
Watermelon Crawl
*State Fair 2nd*A sweet blend of watermelon balanced with white Merlot grapes to create a slice  of fresh watermelon.

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