Denmark Distilling

Denmark Distilling

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With our creativity in wine and brewing beer since the 1990’s, distilling was the last piece of the puzzle. We decided to start distilling in May of 2018. We started out with a few spirits: Sugar Moonshine, Triple-distilled Vodka and Skipper Jim’s Rum. We currently have three stills: a reflux column still for distilling our vodka and gin and two traditional pot stills. The pots stills are just like you would find in the old days when moonshiners made shine back in the woods.

There is a rich history of moonshine in the Denmark area since County Road R used to be old highway 141. There are stories of Al Capone running moonshine during prohibition through this area and staying at the Maribel Hotel since there were a lot of caves that he could use as a hide out.

Denmark Distilling

The last trip with my Dad before he passed, we went to Minocqua, WI.  My Dad showed me a brochure of Northern Waters Distillery. We went to check it out, and met Peter Nomm, the owner. This is where the start of our Bourbon Barrel Cabby Wood Duck and Chardy Wood Duck started. I talked with him about the distilling process and using bourbon barrels for our wines. I had a lot of questions, so I talked with Peter and did a lot of research on distilling.

With my love for bourbon, I talked with a local brewery in Green Bay, Noble Roots Brewing, to help me with some trial runs of mash for our bourbon. Alex and Marv were a great help with getting those trial batches run.

I later talked with Sam and Andrew at Badger State Brewing to see if I could purchase their one-barrel pilot brew system. We purchased that in 2019 to start running our batches of corn for our bourbon.

Watch the videos below to see our distilling process.

Denmark Distilling Video 1
Denmark Distilling Video 2
Denmark Distilling Video 3
» Denmark Distilling
Danish style spirit made with caraway and other aromatic spices.
Blueberry Cobbler Moonshine
Sweet tastes of fresh ripe Blueberries.
Cherry Moonshine
Distilled sugar cane blended with Montmorency Cherries to create this tart and smooth moonshine.
Coffee Moonshine
Inspired by our distillers dad who loved coffee. Rich espresso aroma and sweet roasted flavor with tastes of chocolate, nut, and dark roasted coffee.
A unique gin that is distilled from grapes. Lighter taste of juniper so that the rest of the botanical flavors flow out to create a very smooth taste.
Grandma's Apple Pie Moonshine
Sweet tastes of home-made apple pie with cinnamon. Distilled from cane sugar.
Grandpa Bill's Brandy
This we age a minimum of 1 year in oak barrels.
Lemon Drop Moonshine
Sweet taste of lemonade.
Noble Synergy Bourbon
Aged a minimum of one year in oak barrels. When we first started out, we didn’t have mashing equipment. Noble Roots Brewery in Green Bay helped with doing some trial batches of bourbon.
Orange Slice Moonshine
Sweet delicious tastes of ripe oranges.
Made with molasses and cane sugar. It has a very nice taste of molasses.
Salted Caramel Moonshine
Smooth decadent taste unlike any other spirit you have tried before. Embrace the rich, buttery caramel flavor followed by a pinch of salt. Serve on the rocks, with cream or rootbeer soda, or add to your coffee.
Sorghum Whiskey
Local sorghum distilled and aged in charred oak barrels. Nice caramel notes and sweet tastes of sorghum. A gluten-free option.
Sugar Moonshine
Distilled from cane sugar. 100 proof. Very smooth tasting with hints of cane sugar flavors coming through.
Distilled from our Sweet Mead (honey wine). Hints of honey still come through in this neutral spirit.

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